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Creative Production with the Expertise of Rachael Lovinger.


"Where Creation & Collaboration Meet: Rachael Lovinger's Collection of Creative Production Excellence"

My creative portfolio is tailored to showcase the range of my skills as an Artist, Art Director, Production Designer, and Production Manager. I am passionate about creating visually stunning pieces that capture the essence of the story. As a multidisciplinary professional, I bring an array of expertise and artistry to each project. Collaboration is king with me, bringing the vision of the project to life with a team. I am intuitively a leader but can act in all roles and work dynamics. I am a problem solver, using my resourcefulness and eco conscious work ethic to produce top quality work within a budget. If you're looking for someone to bring your project to life, or even help cultivate what that looks like, it’s me! Explore my portfolio and let me know how I can help you cultivate your art.


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